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Modern day big game hunting in Austria has millennium-old roots with accompanied traditions shaped from numerous rulers and royal empires, most notably the Habsburg Monarchy.  Austria’s meticulously developed game management system has been studied, admired and even copied around the world.  The game in Austria is carefully managed for both preservation and the highest trophy quality.  JAGD STIEDL hunters enjoy access to bountiful trophy-level and even record-book level game in the country’s largest and most acclaimed estates.  As a largely mountainous country, much of the big game hunting in Austria is done in the foothills and lower ranges of the beautiful Alps.  We also can hunt certain species very near Vienna in evergreen forests.

Red Stag

Aug 01 to Dec 31

European red stag are arguably the most sought after trophies in Austria, and for good reason.  This native species has benefited greatly from a long tradition of superior game management and trophy-level bloodlines.  At maturity, big-bodied males can weigh as much as 650 pounds (350 kilograms) and can score up to 230 CIC. Much of the red stag hunting in Austria is done in the mountains, although we hunt the flat forests of Hungary as well.  The red stag rut in Austria starts in September and usually lasts to the first week of October.

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Wild Boar


The European wild boar is perhaps the most prolifically hunted big game species in Austria.  This is due partly to the richly historic boar hunting traditions in Austria, but also have to do with an unrelenting population.  Mature male boars can reach 450 lbs (200 kilograms) with trophy tusks exceeding 8”.  Much of the hunting is done by spotting and stalking (year-round), but ultra-thrilling and completely unique driven wild boar hunts (Oct 15 – Jan 31) are gaining in popularity.  NOTE : ask about JAGD STIEDL’s top wild boar hunting in Hungary as well. 

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Alpine Chamois

Jul 01 to Dec 31

Alpine chamois hunting in Austria offers a wonderful challenge in the mid-range altitudes, but the hunting done in the lower foothills can be equally exhilarating.  Since the alpine chamois stay active throughout the day, early morning and evening hunting is never a necessity.  Chamois can be spotted on their own or in packs of 30 or more.  Although the males tend to be larger in body and in horn, the differences can be slight; both males and females are hunted.  The chamois rut spans most of October. 

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Alpine Ibex

Aug 01 to Dec 31

The alpine ibex is not only one of Europe’s most prized game species, but it also represents the power of preservation through hunting.  The alpine ibex had been depleted to near extinction two hundred years ago before being reintroduced to Switzerland and Austria in the 19th Century, with hunters protecting the animals from poachers and development.  Today, the IUCN categorizes the conservation status of the alpine ibex as one of “least concern.”  Prime time of the hunting season spans from mid fall to early winter with the rut occurring in December.

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Jun 01 – Dec 31

The mouflon hunting in Austria, the Czech Republic and in Hungary is widely renowned because of the region’s incredible mouflon populations and impressively high trophy quality.  Every year, a great number of gold and even record-level mouflon are taken from our different hunting areas.  The mouflon ram is admired for its beautifully broad, curling horns and majestic build.  The hunting is done in both lowlands and in the mountains, with the rutting season spanning much of November.

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Fallow Deer

Sept 01 to Jan 31

Austria has a strong and stable fallow deer population that extends through many regions of the country.  Along with Hungary, Austria is considered to have some of the best fallow deer hunting all of Europe.  Fallow deer can be hunted by stalking and by high seat, but are often hunted as part of a mixed-bag driven shoot as well.  Although the hunting can be wonderful throughout the season, it is suggested to book early for the prime rutting time starting in October running through mid November.

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Roe Deer

May 15 to Oct 15

With the long hunting season, sportsmen are given ample time to plan this exciting hunt. The rut, however, is usually in late July and runs through the beginning of August.  Roe deer are among the smallest deer in Europe and can be found in many areas.  We hunt the majority of our roe deer in Austria and neighboring Hungary.  It is not uncommon for hunters to take more than one buck on any given day.

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Sika Deer

Sept 01 to Jan 31

With few exceptions, the Japanese sika deer and the Manchurian sika deer are scarce in their native lands of Asia.  Both species, however, can be found in different parts of Europe, thriving in forests as well as in the foothills of the Alps. These deer are known for their elusiveness and are considered to be among the most challenging deer to hunt. Sika deer typically rut from late September though October and are often combined with the red stag hunting in Austria.

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Other Game

Capercaillie & More

Austria is also home to a healthy grouse population.  The capercaillie and black cock are two of the largest grouse species in the world and offer a thrilling and entirely unique springtime spot-and-stalk hunting experience.  Fox hunting in Austria can be enjoyed year-round and marmot hunting is possible from the beginning of August through the end of September.

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