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Many years ago, Austria was known not only for its top-quality big game hunting, but for its wonderful wingshooting as well. Unfortunately, gone are the days of bountiful driven pheasant shoots in Austria.  However, the driven bird shooting in the bordering countries of Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia has never been better.  From Vienna, easily access a number of JAGD STIEDL’s exclusive pheasant shooting estates and duck hunting properties within one to two and a half hours driving.  Common bird shooting itineraries start with two days touring in Vienna, followed by two or three days in the field, concluding with touring in either Budapest or Prague.  Click for main Hunting in Hungary website.

Capercaillie, Black Cock & Hazel Cock

While our driven bird shooting is done in neighboring countries, the capercaillie, black cock and hazel cock hunting in Austria remains the best in Central Europe.  We mainly hunt the capercaillie, as well as the black and hazel cock, southwest of Vienna in the states of Styria and Carinthia.  Transfer times to the hunting areas from Vienna are between two and a half and four hours depending in which hunting area we decide on.  The elevation where we hunt these birds is 3.000 to 5.000 feet in mostly easy terrain with very little climbing (more hiking and stalking in the forests).  The season for the capercaillie, the black cock and hazel cock runs in May, with the exact open season dates changing slightly year by year.  Easily combine your springtime bird hunt with roe deer, mouflon, driven boar or wild boar hunting in Austria.

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Grand Grouse (Austria)


When people think of grouse hunting in Europe, the first thing that typically comes to mind is volume shooting for the mid-sized red grouse.  In Austria, however, we hunt several of the largest grouse species in typical high-seat and spot-and-stalk fashion.  These big beauties are true trophy birds.  The famed capercaillie, black cock and hazel cock are among the world’s most difficult and rewarding birds to hunt. Springtime hunts are done in the foothills of the Alps, usually with small caliber rifles as it is uncommon to get within shotgun distance of the birds.

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Duck (Borders)

Aug15 to Dec 31

Although limited duck hunting can be enjoyed in Austria, the more popular flighted duck hunting programs are done in the neighboring countries of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Duck hunting is most often added as a compliment to the pheasant shooting programs.  These mallard shoots are unique to certain parts of Europe and are rarely experienced elsewhere in the world. As with the pheasants, duck hunting days conclude with traditional game parades, horn blowers and bon fires.

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Pheasant (Borders)

Oct 15 to Jan 31

Very few field experiences can compare with the challenge and the incredible thrill of top-quality driven pheasant shooting.  These majestically beautiful and intensely sporting birds often fly 60 meters overhead at speeds exceeding 70 kph.  Although the pheasant hunting in Austria is mostly relegated to walk-up shooting these days, JAGD STIEDL’s world famous driven pheasant programs in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are within just a short drive of Vienna.  Walk-up shooting can be combined with any driven pheasant program.

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