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Mouflon Hunting in Hungary

Hunting mouflon in Hungary is gaining in popularity every year.  As a species introduced in the 1870’s, the mufflon has thrived in Hungary’s ideal mountain habitat.  In November, the rutting season makes for dramatic mountain-side fighting between the males and hunters often hear the clashing of horns from hundreds of meters away.  Most trophies range from 60-80cm although JAGD STIEDL hunters commonly take mouflon in the 80-90cm + range.  Mouflon hunts can easily be combined with other big game hunts and exclusive JAGD STIEDL wingshooting programs.. 

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Quick Facts

Hunting Season
September 01 – February 28

Driven Pheasant, Upland Pheasant, Flighted Duck, Wild Boar, Red Stag, Roe Deer & Fallow Deer

Ideal Group Size
One to 20 + Hunters  (exceptions can sometimes be accommodated)

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