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Roe Deer Hunting in Hungary

The roe deer hunting in Hungary is arguably the best in all of Europe.  The quantity and quality of free-range roe deer in Hungary attract international sportsmen from around the world.  Typically, the largest trophies are found in western Hungary close to the Austrian border.  Here it is not uncommon for hunters to take gold medal and record-book roe deer trophies of 450-600 + grams.  The most popular time to hunt roe deer in Hungary is the beginning of the season from April 15 – mid May when the crops are cut low.  Great spring weather and exceptional visibility make for great success during this time.  During the summer rutting season, roe callers are used to draw in active bucks. 

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Quick Facts

Hunting Season
April 15 – October 15

Upland Pheasant, Flighted Duck, Mufflon, Red Stag, Wild Boar & Fallow Deer

Ideal Group Size
One to 10 + Hunters  (exceptions can sometimes be accommodated)

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